Eyes to Analyze: Your Online Business Manager

Easy ▪ Accurate ▪ Supportive 

Forget that to-do list

Put down those spreadsheets.

Laptop and Paperwork

We Make Running Your Business Super Easy

Remember the old days, when you were just starting your business? You had an idea. And you made it happen.


In fact...you made everything happen.


You were the marketing department, the driver, the head of HR, the office manager. All the coordinating, recording, checking, data entry, filing, figuring out… was your job.

All the business processes were up to you.

You probably set your systems up as you went... You had to. Just to get you to the next week.

“Once I get the ball rolling,” you figured, “then I’ll hand this stuff off.”


And it worked. You built something you’re proud of.

Now it’s about to get bigger. You can see the next level from here.


So...why are you still messing with that spreadsheet?

Why haven’t you automated those standard business processes?

Why are you training every person on every detail...over and over?


Why are you still connecting all the same dots every week?


You have the whole business stored in your head.

But handing off these processes feels...overwhelming.


How do you explain it all?


How do you analyze it, streamline it, clarify it, systematize it, manage it, automate it?


Now...You don’t have to.

Hi, I’m Jackie. I’m a Certified Online Business Manager® Or really...I’m a Mary Poppins for entrepreneurs.

I map out business processes and smooth out the workflow so your business functions like a clock.


You know that big pile of disconnected projects, the invoices, the winding business processes?


You know all those things you have to do because explaining it is way too hard?

Just dump that pile on me. I’ll figure out the cleanest path between those points.


Seriously, you relax. Think of me as your business babysitter! Let me clear that desk for you.