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About Jackie

Hi, I’m Jackie. I’m often referred to as the “Hub of Calm in the Chaos.”

Resolving mess is kind of my thing. It’s what led to my work as a Certified Online Business Manager
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I used to calm the chaos of the corporate world. Well...I tried.

I worked so hard, so much  - I basically burned out and collapsed.


Doctors warned me to walk away from the toxic stress of it. And ultimately, I agreed. I knew there had to be a better way.


I opened Eyes to Analyze to create a healthier road for people’s success. I wanted to help private business owners avoid their own track to burnout and renew their joy in work.

So many of my clients started their businesses because they had a passion for something.  Then they got stuck on all the little things - those complicated business processes that have nothing to do with what made them an entrepreneur.

I decided to use my business management superpowers to fix this problem.

I’m a strategic thinker and a solution-oriented collaborator. I listen with empathy and can detect the opportunities hidden in the systems. I’m adaptable, curious, happy, and eager for any challenge.


As for my free time? I like to spend that on my loved ones. I also enjoy adventuring, crafting, yoga, cooking, baking, and volunteering.

Contact me to see how I can help you.

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Jackie Wysbeek is a Certified Online Business Manager®.