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About Jackie

I’m Jackie - the Mary Poppins for your business. 

Making organization look like magic is my thing.  It’s what led me to become an Online Business Manager.

I used to calm the chaos of the corporate world, applying spoonfuls of sugar that looked like processes, checklists and project management.  I’ve honed my skills to the point of perfection.  


I started Eyes to Analyze so business owners and entrepreneurs can live in their vision more fully and see magic come to life.  I aim to bring the lighter touch to organization and structure so you can feel the joy and flow as an element of fun in the work you do.  My goal is to see you thrive, especially when it comes to your workload as an entrepreneur.  


I’m a special mix of talent, character and experience.  A strategic thinker and a solution-oriented collaborator, I listen with empathy and can detect the opportunities hidden in the systems.


Want to lead from the heart as an entrepreneur?  Relieve your invisible workload with me as the behind the scenes caretaker.  Calm, resourceful and adaptable, I can’t wait to care for the more technical aspects of your business.  

Jackie Wysbeek is a Certified Online Business Manager®.



Certified Online Business Managers have a global reputation as success partners to 6 and 7 figure business owners seeking growth, impact and sustainability.



  • To emphasize the integration of strategy and implementation to achieve results.

  • To be proactive in the management of people, operations, projects and metrics.

  • To lead by example through ongoing self-improvement and a commitment to excellence.

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Certified OBM Core Values

Integrity - We do what we say we’ll do, and we do the right thing because it is the right thing, regardless of who is looking.


Collaboration - We raise up our clients, our colleagues, and our community; we value and incorporate all voices, and we work together for the collective benefit to achieve our goals.


Dependability - We deliver on our promises, take ownership of our contribution and we follow through on results for our clients.


Problem Solving - We are results-driven and solutions-focused; we look for root causes, are forward thinking and positive.


Excellence - We put quality work and a commitment to growth at the heart of what it means to be a Certified Online Business Manager.


Practically Perfect Solutions

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