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3 Keys to Getting Past the Bursting Point

A person stressed from their workload.

Running a business can be a challenging affair, especially when you soar past the six-figure mark and beyond.

Picture this: You're finally raking in the shillings, only to watch them flutter right out the door, and you're left scratching your head like a perplexed chimney sweep. (Goodness gracious, YIKES!)

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Instead of a leisurely stroll through the park, your days are now a perpetual 24/7 hustle, with no glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. How on earth did you find yourself in this muddle?

  • Your business, once a haven for your passions, now resembles a dreary landscape of loathsome tasks, leaving you with scarce moments of merriment.

  • You're careening through your business like a kite caught in a gusty wind, uncertain of your next move and subjected to the roller coaster whims of last-minute problems.

  • Alas, your team is left bewildered, wondering why you're tethered to your work with no reprieve. Some may even be pleading with you to stow away the computer or set aside the phone for a spot of quality time. (YIKES again!)

In the grand tapestry of business, this tumultuous phase is what I refer to as the "bursting point." 

It's the moment when you simply can't bear another ounce without surrendering more time, energy, or money than you're willing to part with.

Now, don't you worry, for the bursting point is a peculiar rite of passage in the world of business. It signals that you've conjured something quite desirable (hooray!), but alas, you can no longer manage it all on your own. It's the stage where the demand pirouettes gracefully, leaving your capacity to serve gasping for breath.

This can either be a wistful lamentation or a spirited celebration in your business journey:

  • A mournful tune if you persist in shouldering the load solo, attempting to serve beyond your capacity.

  • A merry dance if you embrace the notion that your business is spreading its wings beyond your grasp, urging you to tread a different path.

Typically, this revelry unfolds around the early six-figures, somewhere between $100K and $250K, depending on your business's nature and how much you can juggle single-handedly. But mind you, it's not so much about the numbers as it is about the sensation of yearning to grow while grappling with limited capacity.

People strategizing a plan.

Now, once you spot the signs of the bursting point, it's time to attend to three key facets of your business to gracefully traverse this tempestuous stretch:

1) Planning

Oh, in the pleasant days of your business infancy, spontaneity may have been your trusted companion. But as your enterprise blooms, planning becomes the guiding star. A Certified Online Business Manager® is like a spoonful of sugar for your business. We make it our mission to create plans that bring clarity and stability to your world, soothing the frantic nature of the bursting point and, ultimately, easing your troubled heart.

2) People

A dash of DIY may have steered you to six-figures, but to sail beyond the bursting point, you must chart your course wisely. Define your role as the CEO, craft your YES List, and summon the right folks to share the load. An Online Business Manager®, a proper magician in the business realm, steps in during the bursting point to take the burden of finding, training, and managing your new crew off your weary shoulders.

3) Process

The key to unlocking freedom and establishing a firm foundation for your burgeoning business lies in crafting intricate systems and processes. These systems, akin to a well-orchestrated chimney sweep routine, ensure everyone follows the same tune, allowing your business to dance harmoniously even in your absence. This is the realm where the Eyes to Analyze team thrives—creating and implementing SOPs to keep your business humming along seamlessly.

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In the grand scheme of things, what propelled you to six-figures won't be the enchanted umbrella that carries you up through this tumultuous phase and beyond. If your vision outshines the bursting point, it's time for these transformative changes. And if you find yourself yearning for a guiding hand through this whimsical journey, I would be positively delighted to connect.

Chin up! The winds of change may be gusty, but with a dash of Mary Poppins magic, your business shall weather the storm with grace and charm.



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