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Fostering a Culture of Accountability

You need Mary Poppins for your business!

Have you created a culture of accountability in your business, or are you merely floating in the winds of hope, assuming your team will ‘get stuff done’?

Every leader dreams of a team that takes responsibility with a spoonful of diligence—essentially, a self-managed team. But dear leaders, recognize this truth: it is YOUR responsibility to shimmer a trail of leadership that leads to such a team.

Accountability Doesn't Simply Pop Out of a Carpet Bag.

This does not just happen. Accountability is not a solo act – it is not only about hiring chim-chim-cher-ee folks and expecting a flawless performance. It is the RESULT of your leadership - it involves every detail, every preparation before the actual work begins.

Consider these points like delicate sugar cubes for your business tea:

  • Does your team get the overall vision and direction of the company? Team members yearn to be part of something grander than themselves.

  • Does each person understand their role in service of the big picture? People want clarity on why their work is practically perfect in every way.

  • Are you making clear requests? There are three parts to a clear request—it must transcend beyond a simple "hey, do this thing."

  • Have you set an expectation of what you are looking for? Success pictures should be shared with your team; they need to see what lies beyond the rooftops.

  • How are you ensuring that your team operates in their strengths? Trouble brews when we ask our team to perform tasks not quite their forte.

  • Are you aligned on deadlines & priorities? This is where SOOO many problems arise, especially amidst a flurry of activity.

  • How will you communicate with each other around progress? Without a leader connected to progress, don’t be stunned when progress decides to take a holiday.

  • What happens if a team member gets stuck? Or falls behind? They need someone to help them fly their kite again.

When the Tasks Feel as Endless as Bert's Chalk Drawings

Does this sound like a lot? It indeed is! Fashioning an intentional culture is no joke—it’s like arranging a jolly holiday with every detail meticulously planned.

Do you find yourself longing for the days where managing wasn't a hat you had to wear along with all others? In every growing business, there comes a time when the CEO must pass the umbrella to another, because managing every task, project, and team member can no longer be their sole show.

Welcome, the Certified OBM® — Your Business' Very Own Mary Poppins

And here lies the essence of the Certified OBM® role—to ensure that the right TASKS flutter to completion at the right TIME, in the correct MANNER, and by the finest PEOPLE.

If you're intrigued about how this might add a pinch of magic to your business, I’d love to connect—and who knows? With a little bit of luck and stardust, we shall have your business running like clockwork, a tapestry of precision and charm.

Fancy a chat? Don't hesitate to reach out—for every problem, there is a solution, and yours awaits just around the corner.



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