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Mastering Implementation:

The 3 Ds of success: Decisions + Driving + Doing = Implementation

a confused business owner needs help choosing the implementation strategy for his business.

When it comes to getting things done in a business, DOING often takes the lead role—front and centre on stage like Mary Poppins herself. But let's not forget, my dear friends, that the first two steps in our perfectly choreographed dance are indeed critical to the success of any project. Without them, the third step—doing—can become as tangled as kite strings on a blustery day.

Making Magic with DECISIONS 

Ask yourself: Who in your charming company is responsible for deciding what needs to be done? The when's, the how's, and the all-important who's doing what? Much like Mary deciding which lesson to impart upon the Banks children, these decisions set the stage for all the magic that follows.

The Art of DRIVING 

And then, who, pray tell, is driving the activities forward? I say! It must be someone who can assure that all those splendid decisions do turn into actions. Otherwise, you may find that the third D—doing—is about as elusive as a laugh lifting you onto the ceiling!

Without steadfast decision-making and a driving force to corral all the moving parts, the doers might just find themselves in a bit of a muddle.

The Graceful Glide into DOING 

As you assemble your spectacular team, clarity becomes your umbrella—it shields and protects. Know thy role in Decision Making and Driving! For once your business soars beyond the rooftops (6-figures and beyond), staying too long in that Driver's seat can create quite the bottleneck in your quaint little business.

Imagine, my dearest, if you weren't the only one making decisions—oh, the relief from the wearying burden of decision fatigue! It can truly exhaust even the most energetic business owner, putting a damper on growth and possibilities.

As a Certified Online Business Manager®, I sweep in with my carpetbag full of tricks to handle all three Ds with—and for—my clients.

With a high-level manager by your side, someone to make decisions, drive progress, and ensure implementation as smooth as Julie Andrews' vocals, your business will be practically perfect in every way.

Questions about this spoonful-of-sugar support? I'm all ears! Let's connect and chatter about your team, your grand ambitions, and how the current state of the 3 Ds plays out in your delightful enterprise.



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