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Your First 90 Days with a New OBM

A woman works at a desk and reviews a calendar.

Step in time, dear business leaders, and embark on a journey with your new certified Online Business Manager® (OBM®)! Just like Mary Poppins, an OBM® is here to add a spoonful of sugar to your business endeavors, transforming the mundane into something quite extraordinary.

Your OBM® will be your partner in whimsy and efficiency as you leap towards grander heights. Together, you'll escape the daily grind and, with a bit of magic, turn those dreams into splendid realities.

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Here's how your OBM® will help you craft a robust foundation for your business:

  • Quarterly Planning: No more haphazard approaches! With an OBM® by your side, you'll establish a routine of planning every quarter, ensuring that your objectives are as clear as a crisp London morning.

  • Team Collaboration: Your OBM® will dance with your team, making certain that each person is in their proper place, doing what they do best—oh, it will be supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

  • Streamlining Operations: Like tidying up the nursery, your OBM will document processes and create systems so efficient, work will be practically perfect in every way.

  • Driving Progress: It's the role of your OBM® to keep the kite flying towards your goals, always moving forward with purpose and poise.

  • Clearing Your Plate: You'll have the freedom to soar to new heights, focusing on CEO-level tasks while your OBM® handles the rest.

Two people stand on either side of a clipboard with a checklist, discussing tasks.

In the first 90 days of this delightful partnership, here's what to expect:

  1. Vision Casting: As the CEO, you're the captain of the ship. Set your sights on the horizon and communicate your vision clearly, so your OBM® can chart the course for the next 90 days.

  2. Onboarding Time: Give your OBM® a proper welcome! They need to learn the unique quirks of your business, so allow them the time to become thoroughly acquainted.

  3. Setting Priorities: Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day! Agree on the top priorities and give your OBM® the chance to address them at a pace that allows for quality learning and execution.

  4. Managing Expectations: Be clear about what success looks like to you. The clearer you are from the start, the more likely you'll be delighted with the outcome.

  5. Communication: In the beginning, expect to exchange a flurry of messages. This extra communication is essential as you both learn to speak the same language of trust and understanding.

  6. Letting Go: Allow your OBM® to take the reins. They are leaders ready to steer projects to success, and that's precisely what your business needs.

  7. Embrace Differences: Your OBM® won't be your clone, and that's a good thing! Different perspectives bring creativity and innovation to your business.

  8. Expect Bumps: There might be some turbulence in the early weeks. If things aren't "practically perfect," rely on open dialogue and teamwork to smooth out any wrinkles.

Remember, "In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun." With clarity, purpose, and patience, your first 90 days with an OBM can be a jamboree of success.

Fancy a chat about starting with a certified OBM®? Let's float that idea and see where the wind takes us!



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