Process Observation

Researching how everything in your business gets done - from first step to last. What’s holding your business processes back, what’s getting lost, what’s obsolete.

Standard Operation Procedures (SOP)

Creating a sort of “bible of operations” for your core business processes. I’ll document in a clear, concise way how things happen. Let’s get all the processes out of your head and down on paper. This is so someone can easily jump in and perform any business process with little to no guidance. This builds consistency, makes it easier to grow a competent, empowered team, and even helps define your brand.

System Implementations and Enhancements

Improving or renovating common business functions. Together, we can co-create business processes that will make sense and adapt to scale. And we can train your team so the systems are used efficiently and effectively. 

Streamline & Automate Tasks

A lot of business processes can just be automated. We can figure out what works best for you. I can set it all up and bring everyone up to speed.

Training, Supporting, and Managing Teams

If you’re the voice and vision of your business, onboarding, training, and managing people could be holding you up. You can hand that off to me. I can work tactfully, effectively, and productively with your team members so you can work on the bigger picture.

Assessment of Data Integrity

Of all the business processes, data integrity might be the biggest time suck. It’s important that all your data is being recorded and purged accurately. I can oversee this with an attentive eye so you don’t have to.

Detailed Management Reporting

I can put together the reports that help you monitor your business. You can get a handle on all the details without having to hunt them down.

Project Coordination and Management

I can organize a project for you to make it run smoothly. I can assemble and communicate with project partners. I can watch the scheduling and budget limits too, and make sure things stay safely on the rails. 

What Our Clients Say

Image by Lukas Blazek

Sarah R.

Conducting business with Jackie, of Eyes to Analyze, was an absolute pleasure! The combination of her prompt communication, positive attitude, and dedication to my service requests allowed me to complete meaningful work with ease.